Alternate KiCad Library
The biggest third-party component library for KiCad EDA software

Alternate KiCad Library is massive library containing over 30000 symbols and 9300 footprints for use with free KiCad PCB design software.
This library was created with component-centric philosophy in mind. Every specific symbol represents a device, with a pre-assigned footprint.
Symbol graphics are designed to convey useful information about the component they are representing without needlessly cluttering up the schematic.
Footprints have clear and distinct markings on the silkscreen layer, helping differentiate between different types of components.
Getting started
You can download the library files directly from within KiCad itself, via the Plugin and Content Manager or clone the
Github Repository.
Before you can use the library you need to follow the
installation instructions.
Release candidate for version 4 of the library is out now, only on Github. New colorful LED symbols, voltage regulator symbols, LED footprints, alternate body styles for existing symbols, bugfixes and much more. Full documentation is not yet up-to-date so refer to the readme file for a short summary of changes.
CC0 1.0 Universal Dawid Cisło 2023