Alternate KiCad Library License

Alternate KiCad Library by Dawid Cisło is a derivative of
KiCad Library made by KiCad community (see: KiCad library GitLab), used under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 License, with the following exception:
To the extent that the creation of electronic designs that use “Licensed Material” can be considered to be “Adapted Material”, then the copyright holder waives article 3 of the license with respect to these designs and any generated files which use data provided as part of the “Licensed Material”.
Additional information can be found here:
KiCad libraries license

What does this mean?

You can freely use Alternate KiCad Library data for commercial, closed and non-commercial projects without any restrictions. There is no need to attribute this library or original KiCad libraries within your design and no obligation to share any project files under this or any other license agreement. If you wish to redistribute the Alternate KiCad Library, or its parts (including in modified form) as a collection you need to share it under the same license agreement. Libraries must also retain attribution information and license documents which are distributed with the library files.